Dipping my toes into illustration!

I had the pleasure of working with my friends in Rocky Mount at Station Square Records. They're a brand new record shop in downtown Rocky Mount and they wanted a fun illustration and logo for their business. I collaborated with a friend, Will Elsen, to fulfill their vision.

I have experience in hand drawing, and also in logo design, but I have never done any digital illustration before. So when they came to me with their idea, it was a welcome challenge! Their storefront is located right off of Main Street which features a train track right down the middle of the street, so they knew they wanted to incorporate a train into their design. 

Admittedly, I know very little about trains. This is where I enlisted the help of my friend Will. After a while of brainstorming and discussion, he drew by pencil the perfect train for this project. I then took his drawing to the computer to create a digital illustration. incorporating the color scheme of the store.

I had a ton of fun working on this project and learned a lot about digital illustration along the way. Starting with the literal bones/outlines of the train, I then layered colors and textures to build up what the illustration became. I definitely can't wait to do more work like this!

To view the project, click here!